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"Ava"  - ROM for the HTC Touch Pro 2 (GSM) by toadlife (

Current Build: AVA.TP2.085 (2010-08-05)

Based upon ROM: At&T Tilt2 2.10.502.4 and HTC 2.07.401.1
Recomended Radio: (From HTC 2.07.401.1) or (From At&T Tilt2 2.10.502.4)
Sys: 21887/21887
Page Pool: 12MB
Compression: XPR

General Description:
This ROM is based on the At&T Tilt2 2.10.502.4 and HTC 2.07.401.1 ROMs. It comes with Manila 2.5.20121225, with a custom 
facebook tab includes the newer HTC Messaging Client which doesn't freeze, a custom Rhodium Keyboard driver by tarkim, 
arkswitch task manager with a custom black theme, and a custom Sense 2.5 Windows Media Player Theme. This ROM is UC enabled, 
and has a fairly stock feel to it.

System Packages Removed:

EXT Packages

From HTC 2.07 ROM
Build Info Pkg
Clear Storage v2.3.1.0
CM Band Switching v2.2.2.0
CM Call Barring v1.3.4.0
CM Call Forwarding v1.4.B.0
CM Call Waiting v1.3.1.0
CM Caller ID v1.5.1.0
CM Phone v1.6.B.0
CM Phone VM Setting v1.8.0.0
CM Pin v1.5.3.0
Config AP
Connection Setup DB
Connection Setup v3.1.19221923.00
Connection Setup v3.1.19221923.00 WVGA
Control Block
Discretix DRM v1.0.20090930.01
DRM Middleware v1.5.19221328.00
Ext New Phone Setting v1.0.1919.3232
Extended Pkg
HTCFDN v1.8.0.0
Manila Calendar v2.5.20113223.0
Manila Core v2.5.20121225.0
Manila Home v2.5.20111612.0
Manila Internet v2.5.20111729.0
Manila Mail v2.5.20113620.0
Manila Message v2.5.20111612.0
Manila Music v2.5.19224028.0
Manila People v2.5.20111710.5
Manila Photo v2.5.19224023.0
Manila Settings v2.5.20121232.0
Manila Stock v2.5.20111730.0
Manila Twitter v2.5.20111731.0
Manila Weather v2.5.20113629.0
Operator Pkg PT
Ringtone Plugin v1.0.19221426.00
RSS Hub v2.1.1.1107.02
Video Telephony v2.5.35575.0

From HTC 2.10 ROM
Adobe PDF v2.
Advanced Network v1.0.12.1
AGPS Confirmation v1.0.19213629.00
Album v3.2.20132625.1
App Service v1.87.0.0
Appointment Editor v1.0.20112332.1
Audio Booster v2.5.19194032.lo00
Audio Manager Engine v2.0.20113121.h
BCR WWE v1.0.f091231b.ATT.00
Boot Launcher v1.0.19152530.2
Browser Snapshot v1.0.19224019.0
Calculator v1.1.20112333.0
Clear Storage v2.3.1.0
Comm Manager v2.9.V.5
Concurrence Mgr v1.5.19221227.00
Contact Picker v1.0.20143630.00
Contact Utility Engine v1.2.20152422.00
Data Disconnect v1.14.0.1
Device Info v2.7.1.0
DRM Middleware v1.5.19221328.00
Dshow v2.0.20132629.00
Email Setup Wizard v2.3.20122032.30
Facebook Engine v1.1.20143327.00
Field T E S T v2.19.0.0
Flash Lite Share DLL v1.0.19201927.0
FM Radio v2.0.19181421.01
Format SD v1.16.0.0
Full Screen Player v1.8.20113022.00
G Sensor Calibrator v1.1.19183520.3
Google Location Service v1.0.1.21R1
Group Editor ATT v1.0.20133427.00
HTC Animation v1.3.5.0
HTC Application v1.14.1.0
HTC Birthday v1.2.0.0
HTC Bookmark v1.0.20112333.0
HTC Font Link v1.0.19132133.1
HTC Framework v1.5.20143322.00
HTC Geo Service v1.0.19213626.00
HTC Message v1.09.281.2
HTC Scroll v2.0.20132230.00
HTC Settings v1.4.4.0
HTC Start Up v1.7.0.0
HTC Util v4.12.0.1
IE6 Enhancement v1.0.19224019.0
IME Engine Western v2.1.20131424.00
IME Ez Input Western v2.1.20141729.00
IME Tutorial v1.0.19222525.00
Invoke SIM Mgr v1.12.0.2
Jet Cet Presentation v5.2.1043.01
JETCET Print v5.4.1187.01
Lock Screen App Launcher v1.0.19213627.00
Lockstream DRM v1.2.091113.O9.01
Long Press End Key v1.5.20111823.00
m Hub VO v1.8.091221.X1
Media Tool Kit v1.2.20132327.0
Menu Enhancement v1.1.20113129.00
Message Enhancement v1.2.20132726.01
Microphone AGC v0.92.0.0
MS Facebook v1.0.07.1
Mute v1.1.2.0
My CPL v3.13.0.6
New Contact Card v1.1.20143623.0
Notification Enhancement v3.5.20113824.00
OOBE v1.0.20134022.03
Phone Setting v1.68.0.0
Picture Enhancement v1.50.19221924.00
PKG v1.1.0.0
Power Off Warning v2.13.0.0
Power v3.6.0.0
Quick GPS v2.0.19223429.05
Random Access v4.2.19183026.0
Redial v1.3.0.0
Ringtone Plugin v1.0.19221426.00
Sensor SDK v4.2.19221329.01
Settings Improvement v1.0.20111623.2
Shared Modules v1.01.19221333.00
Shared Resource v1.0.20113923.00
Signature Replace v1.5.0.0
Sim Contact Import v3.4.19221923.00
Sim Contact Import v3.4.19221923.00 WVGA
Sim Lock v4.28.0.0
SIM Mgr v6.76.0.1
Sliding Sound v1.2.4.0
Social Networks Engine v1.1.20121424.01
Start Icon Loader v2.5.19224122.0
STK Service v4.93.0.0
STK UIPPC v4.74.0.2
Storage Low v1.0.0.2
Streaming Media v3.1.20113125.01
Streaming SDK v2.7.20131322.00
Sun Java Sun Package 3 1 v3.1.20100505.3.1.0
Task Bar Icon Mgr v2.14.0.0
Teeter v2.0.19221932.00
Text Selection v1.0.19212229.00
Time Zone Auto Fix v1.0.20133628.01
TV Out Pop Up v1.2.19213628.00
TV Out Setting v2.14.0.1
USB To PC Pop Up v2.3.20111720.00
USSD Service v4.38.0.0
V Bookmark Mgr v1.0.19213624.00
Voice Recorder v2.0.20113911.3
Volume Control v2.2.20113221.01
Wi Fi Settings v1.2.5.2
Wi-Fi Wizard v1.24.3.2
WLAN Settings v2.7.10.0
You Tube v2.6.20111727.00
Zlibce M v1.2.30.00

Custom Packages
Facebooktab v1.01D
Phone Canvas Enhancement v4.2.51720111829.0 ATT Hybrid
PTT v4.0.1916.1927_disabled

* ArkSwitch is pre-configured to activate when you touch the area between the start button and the middle of the 
* Included with Arkwitch is a mortscript I wrote that runs periodlically and makes sure that ArkSwitch stays loaded.
* Reg files are associated with FDCSoft task manager so you can import them by tapping on them in File Explorer.
* Custom Keyboard Driver (tarkim) is pre-configured with several useful shortcuts
  (*) Send Key
    * Double tap: Launches Camera (see volume up key mapping)
  (*) Home Key
    * Double Tap: Toggle WiFi
    * Triple Tap: Toggle Bluetooth
    * Hold: Launch Start Menu
  (*) Back Key
    * Double Tap: Launch ArkSwitch (task manager)
    * Hold: Close Acive Window
  (*) Volume Up Key
    * Single Tap: Take Picture (ONLY WHEN CAMERA IS ACTIVE!)
* Includes Quentin's 1% battery Driver

Build History:
Ava.TP2.085 (Release) (2010-08-05)
* Replaced drivers and many packages from At&T Tilt2 2.10 ROM
*Added EXPERIMENTAL Push to Talk support for the AT&T Tilt2 (I don't know for sure if this will work. Please let me know!)
* Fixed IME bug where custom words are not saved after a soft reset (thanks Shinku)
* Fixed/Updated: Sense 2.5 WMP Skin
* Added setup script which installs carrier specific settings for the T-Mobile TP2 and the At&T Tilt2
* Updated FDCSoft Task Manager to version 3.3

Ava.TP2.077 (Release) (2010-07-17)
* Replaced most of the HTC 2.07 drivers which were causing "Sleep of Death". No more SOD!
* Added custom Sense 2.5 WMP Theme (Made by me - Unique to this ROM! See screenshots below)
* Added a shortcut in Start>System to disable and enable security
* Added a shortcut in Start>System to fieldtest app
* Fixed many start menu icons

Ava.TP2.057 (Release) (2010-06-22)
* Fixed Issue with End Key being "laggy" (thanks ace10134)
* Added Windows Live packages - fixes error when adding hotmail account (thanks 30Glock)
* Fixed icons and shortcuts
* Fixed Signal Icons
* Added Custom Battery Icons
* Disabled auto-creation of manila shortcuts (Prevents Eroneous Footprints Shortcut from being created  - bug in manila?)
* Added HTC Facebook shortcut
* Removed Footprints Tab
* Removed Reader Tab
* Upgraded facebook tab to 1.01D
* Upgraded Total Commander to 2.52 BETA

Ava.TP2.050 (Release)
* Upgraded HTC Messaging Client to 1_8_201521

Ava.TP2.001 - Ava.TP2.049
* Private Builds